Thursday, 23 August 2007

A little of Ana's life

I’m Ana. I’m sixteen and I live with my mother, my sister and my mother’s boyfriend. Three times a week I visit my father and also, I go to sleep to his house or we go to the cinema.
The school where I go is very strict and I have to study a lot, so at the weekends I can’t go out very often.
Next year, I am going to finish high school and I would like to study something like social communication or education because that's interesting me and also because I hate subjects which are related with mathematics and natural science.
When I go out, I meet my friends at their houses (sometimes we meet in my house) and then we go to a party or we go to have a drink.
I like listening to music. My favorite kind of music is the “national rock” and in my free time and before I go to sleep I love listening to it.
On Saturdays I do swimming. I do this sport because I have a problem with my back and the swimming helps me to stand straight.

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Gabriela Sellart said...

Hi, nice post Ana, a lot of information about you.
Do you have a favourite national rock group or singer?