Thursday, 30 August 2007

My favourite TV programme

My favourite TV programme is a series called E.R. (Emergency room). You can see it on Warner Channel on Thursdays at 10 p.m.
This series started in 1994 and finishes next year, has 14 seasons and for me is a very good series. E.R. tell the story of emergency room in a county hospital of Chicago. Also tells the life of the doctors of emergency and nurses, the relationships between the doctors and the patients, and between the doctors and the doctors or nurses. In the series there are a lot of stories of doctors and nurses in love, problems with their family, some doctors die or leave the hospital for different reasons.
In this programme George Clooney started to be famous in the character of a pediatrician until season 4th because after that he started his profesional career of a film actor. Also other actors started to be famous but no like George.
I like the series because I learn a lot of medicine. Thanks to E.R. I meet a group of girls fans of the series like me in internet because I have a "fotolog" and the girls signed my guestbook and afterwards we started to talk by chat and now they are my best friends. I have this fotolog since aougost 2006 and has more than 250 posts.

Some links:
My fotolog / ER (Cast, episode, videos and more)
NBC (Official channel in EEUU)


Gabriela Sellart said...

Great, frann. Why don't you add some links? ER official site, maybe? or Clooney's fan club (in English)?

Profe Diana said...

Hello, Frann!:
I come here because your english teacher's blog.
It is like a wonderfull adventure where all us are in the leading role.
I think about you and your teacher and other people and me sailing in a virtual world, without time and distances, sending ideas, photos, stories,reuslts of investigations works... and so on.
isn't it fantastic? YES!

Anonymous said...

IO also like ER!!
It's one of my favourite programmes
I watch it everyday at 10 a.m.

sofia said...

ER is the best show ever.I love it. Because it's great and because I got to know you because of it.
You are the best Fran!
And your English is great too.
Love you.