Thursday, 2 August 2007


This blog for for you. I won't post here. You'll write some class assignments, but you can also post any other article you want to. Just take these things into account:
  • Use only English.
  • You can use your real first name, but never reveal your (or anybody else’s) surname, phone number, address, email address or any other piece of information which might be unsafe.
  • Post materials which are your own original work. If you are quoting, provide the source (URLs, books, etc) DO NOT COPY AND PASTE A WHOLE ARTICLE.
  • You can upload photos. But don't publish photos of you or your friends. If you upload photos form the web be sure they are not copyrighted.
  • Your parents should know you are posting on this blog.
  • Be patient. Students of all ages and language levels may be taking part in this blog.
I’ll be the moderator and I’ll delete any posts or comments which don’t follow the previous rules. I'll also delete any offensive or discriminatory posts.

I hope you use this blog to write about you, what you love, hate, wish, dream. It will be great if you read each other, and start conversations. Keep in mind that this site is public, people from all over the world will be reading you.

Explore and have fun.

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