Thursday, 23 August 2007


Hi everyone who read this I'm Facundo i'm twelve years old , my birthday is he 23 of October my facourite movie is "Die Hard" and "Rocky" my favourite progreamme is "Duro De Domar" I want to recomended to all the persons that don't wathc the programme .I have a dog that her name is Lola and I don't remember how old is she. i have an uncle in U.S.A. I like rock and I live in Buenos Aires

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Claudia Ceraso said...

Hi Facundo!
I am jumping in here to leave a comment, but let's say it is not just for you...I would like to say I enjoy reading these posts.

I love rock and dogs too. Hope you blog a pic of Lola sometime.

Hey guys, this blog rocks! I'll be reading you.