Monday, 21 July 2008

Happy friend's day!

Here in Argentina, on July 20th, we celebrate the friend's day.
As I changed school last year, I made new friends this year. But I've discovered beautiful things with them. We share secrets, laughs, tears, games, movies, food, etc.
Also on the net, I met Nadine and Meghna, two great friends!

"...your friendship's magic, your friendship's sweet, yeah..."



Nadine said...

Hey Stephie
Thanks!! Sorry for not visiting in a while,at school your blog is blocked… Glad you like my writing, I love yours too!!! Thanks again for all your lovely support. I've replied back to you on my blog.. make sure you check!!
Also, I thought this a worthwhile post, having to do with Friends, it is sweet, even how you said you shared laughs tears etc. Nicely written!! I am too so grateful for meeting you on the net!! It has been such a fantastic time. So glad to be friends with such a brilliant person like you Stephie!!

Kisses, Nadine

Nadine said...

Forgot to say a few more things:
About the blog? Got it handled? But I have had second thoughts. At schools, a blog like yours is blocked so how will students visit? If you accept, I can tell you the instructions Steph.
Also, one last thing:
Hugs and all my love, Nadine