Thursday, 3 July 2008

Season 2-Chapter 2:"A week later"

Well. well...I know I haven't updated the blog until now, but the fact is that I've been really busy! I've had my Maths exam, Latin exam...
But right now, enjoy chapter two...

A week passed. Claire & Peter were always together in class.
-"Look at Claire...she seems to be interested in Peter..."-said a girl.
-"Yeah...and Peter interested in her..."-answered another.
-"They make the perfect couple"-said the girl.
While in the History class, a group of girls from another course entered the classroom and said:
-"Hey everybody...tomorrow's the homecoming party. Be sure to come with somebody! See everybody tomorrow. If you have any questions, go to course 104".
Then, at breaktime, Peter said to Claire:
-"Yeah?"-said Claire.
-"Would you like to go to the party with me?"-asked Peter.
-"Mmmm...why not? Yeah, sure. Come to my house tomorrow an hour before the party, right?"-answered Claire.
-"Right"-answered Peter. Then, he smiled to Claire.
While going home, Claire saw a paper which said: "All L.A High School! Tomorrow, 8pm, homecoming party! Don't miss it! Come with somebody! Everybody's gonna have fun!"
-"I'll go with somebody. A very special person"-told Claire to herself.
She suddenly saw Peter.
-"Hey Claire, thanks for coming to te party with me. You're a very special person, you know"-said Peter.
Both Peter and Claire smiled to each other.
-"See you tomorrow. At 8pm in your house, right?"-asked Peter.
-"Yeah. See you"-answered Claire.

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Meghna said...

Hi Stephi,
Wow! interesting...waiting for the homecoming LOL!

Nadine said...

Hey Stephie
Oh my... I had a feeling he was going to ask her. How cool is that? I wonder what shall be to happen? Tell you what, this is advice... make something really scary and violent happen in the story! Ex: you can make this bad girl gang come up to Claire while she is almost about to kiss Peter, and they can hit her and it turns into a HUGE fight??
Trusty me, that'll make it really good. I'll leave the rest to you.. Can't wait for the next one!!! ;)
Phenomenally Written steph

Nadine said...

Steph, steph, how you write this story and what you do in it is fantastic.. eagerly waiting...
Thanks for you comment, hope you get a good result in the Maths, wish you the best and pray for you. ;)
Tell me your result as soon as possible? Best to write a post about it though. Tell me as soon as you can. Oh and great she replied so happily!! Your teacher.
Hugs and Kisses, Nadine
P.S That was funny how you wrote Maths exm instead of Maths Exam! LOL

Nadine said...

Hey Stephie
Keep writing and I am so excited to know what is to happen. I know, the cat murdering is awfully sad!! :(

Nadine said...

Hey Stephs
Thanks for that comment and for informing me of your excellent SWN Wiki Progress I checked it out and will hopefully comment. It is amazing how Hayden is doing so much for Whaling. You know, you should email and tell her about our wiki yes??
Anyway, keep your fantastic support up and can't wait for Chapter 3!!!!
I'm SOOOOOO excited!!!!!
Hugs, Nadine