Monday, 28 July 2008

Season 2-Chapter 4:"The truth"

Hi everybody! After a long time without updating the blog with my story, here's chapter 4. Enjoy it!

The next day after they kissed each other, Claire, at school, saw Peter.
-"Hi. All right?"-asked Claire.
-"Hi. No, really no"-answered Peter, worried.
-"What's wrong?It's about the kiss? You didn't like it?"-said Claire.
-"No, I love you, I liked the kiss. It's my father"-he told her.
-"Isn't he dead?"-she asked.
-"He is. But there's something I've discovered...something strange."he said.
-"Do you want to tell it to me?Perhaps you'll feel better if you tell me"-suggested Claire.
Peter looked straight at Claire. Hi seemed to be really worried.
-"Claire, my father was a murderer. He killed a girl called Kate, and her mum. I was shocked when I read this in an old newspaper"-told Peter, waiting Claire to say something.
Claire was in shock. Kate, her old friend, murdered by her boyfriend's father? Kate's mum too?She started crying.
-"Are you OK? Believe me, don't think bad of me. I really didn't know. I'm not as my father"-said Peter, nearly in tears.
-"Kate...She was my bestfriend. Your father could have killed me if Kate and her mum hadn't appeared. Kate, even though she was dead, she appeared as a light. Her mother too. I'm not crazy. So it's was your father!"-said Claire, angrily.
-"Claire, I'm sorry. I didn't know, really. If I have known, I would have told you. My father kept everything secret. I'm really sorry. Please, don't get angry with me. It's wasn't my fault. It was my father's"-said Peter.
Claire was looking at Peter's face. Yes, she knew he was telling the truth. Finally, she huged Peter.
-"Would you like to come with me after school?"-asked Claire, more calmed now.
-"Sure. Are you OK?"-asked Peter, nicely.
-"Yeah. I have a headache, it's all. Come on, hurry, the biology class is almost starting"-said Claire.
After school and by the way home, Peter received a call:
-"Hi. What's wrong?"-said Peter-"Ok. I'll go later".
-"Sorry, it was my uncle, Ricky. He's my father's brother. He wants me to go to his boring house. But I'll go later. Now, I'm with you"-said Peter.
Claire smiled. While walking, Claire thought:"Perhaps...this he a murderer like Peter's father?. I'll talk to mum".
They entered Claire's house.

Will Ricky be as Peter's father? Is he a murderer? What will Claire do? Will she be safe there? All the answers in the next chapter!
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Nadine said...

Hey Stephie
Nicely written!! I hope Claire will be alright and that Ricky doesn't turn out to be a murderer!! I can't wait for next one.. really excited! I can't believe the shock I got when Peter told her that his father killed Kate! What a surprise.
Congratulations on such a fantastic effort.
Thanks for your comment!! You gave me this idea to write about Australia.. so you deserve it! Thank god you like it and the pictures!! It is okay about my brother, thanks for being considerate.
Can’t wait to read the post about Argentina and see some amazing pictures!
Kisses, Nadine

Nadine said...

Hi Stephie
About your comment, for the blog, it IS free, so don't worry!! here are some instructions, if you find it hard to understand, let me know. Great you have all the emails! Nice job.
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And you will manage the rest..
Good luck, Hugs, Nadine

Meghna said...

Hi Stephi,
Sorry to be commenting so net connection was out! Lovely........fingers crossed for the next part :)