Saturday, 15 November 2008


Hi Everybody!!

I have something that I wanted to tell you...
I have passed my entrance exam to a new school !!
The exam was in english and I got a 9.40.
It was a surprise for me!
Anyway I am very happy because I have passed my exams and I will finish primary school soon.
What about your exams?Do you want to be on holidays?
Thanks to all of you ,Friends , because you make me feel happy :)




Lauren said...


Great Job! I know hard school can be. Are you excited to be going to a new school? Right now I am in 8th grade, so I have to go to a new school next year. It can be both exciting and scary! Best if luck!

Lauren :) :) :)

Meghna said...

congratulations and good wishes dear!

kayla said...

congrats! School can be so hard and i commend you on where you have gotten your self, never give up just keep going.Best of luck and best wishes as well.

Nadine said...

Hi Priscila and Stephie
Thank you for commenting. Sad. I never knew the site didn't work! Maybe it is because of your computer?
Anyways... CONGRATS FOR SUCCEEDING. I'm sure you worked hard and so you totally deserve it. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU. What a surprise! :) 9.40 out of what mark though? 10? I hope so.
Anyways, hugs to you and Stephie and hope to talk very soon. Sorry I missed out on Sunday again. :(
P.S Yes! I'd love to have Holidays. I have like 4 more weeks to go, and I can't wait because I need a break!! Though I am nervous because I am going to high school!

Zawan said...

that's great!
is this school you're going to a better one?

have fun it school. take care of your studies and make new friends :)

Zawan said...

HI Piscilla
that school is a good choice, i agree with you that English is very important and useful for the future...

kayla said...

Thanks for come in and visiting my blog. It means alot. I hope things continue to go well for you and you are happy. IT IS ALWAYS GOOD TO HEAR WHEN PEOPLE ARE HAPPY. Anyways I hope to hear abck from you and I iwll look for further posts of yours as well.

Nadine said...

Hey Priscila and Stephie
Thanks for commenting and replying back.
I'm really glad you enjoyed the site, and I hope you have learnt alot and keep playing it to save lives.
Congratulations!! KISSES AND HUGS. I am so happy for you. That is a terrific mark, you should be proud of yourself. Well done. Keep it up!

Nadine said...

Hey Priscila and Stephie
Thanks for commenting on my blog! Prissy, you will always be my friend forever, we can always send emails to each other continuously and maybe in future I might visit Argentina and see you and Steph! :)
Stephie, no, sadly I won't be blogging. I will be much too busy and focused on High school. Though yes I will chat, but I don't think mobiles work from such far countries do you think? CHATTING IS THE BEST OPTION! We can also send emails...
Thanks guys for being my friends! You rock and I will never forget you and your caring friendship to last for a life time!
Hugs, Nadine

Anonymous said...

Hello! This is Floor! Does anybody speaks Spanish? I Know a bit of English , But I am from Argentina:)KissesFloor!                

tasteach said...

G'day Priscila,
Congratulations on passing the test. In Australia, I don't know of many primary schools that have big tests at the end of the year. That is usually left until grade 10before going onto college.

Priscila said...

Thanks to all for being so supportive. :)