Monday, 6 October 2008


Hi everybody!

How are you? Hope all of you are ok.
I wanted to tell all of you my opinion about blogs.

When I started using this blog I was happy to share it.
I started posting and posting and I made friends all over the world.
(Thanks for those who comment here).
At first I didn´t visit the blog everyday but now I visit it most of my time!

Thanks to teacher Gabriela.(She told me about this blog)
To Gabriela: I didn´t have a microphone so I posted my opinion here!!Sorry for the date , I opened the mail too late!I thought that if I opened the blog I would open my mails.Later my sister told me I had to open my account by G mail to see my mails. Anyway , thank you Gabriela!

Please write your opinion about blogs.



Nadine said...

Hello Priscila and Stephie
Thanks for all your comments.
You have a strong opinion of blogs,. so do I! I love them because you have your own site-cool eh?- and you can talk to people from all around the world! You also can post anything and comment on anyone's blogs... It is so fun just to have one. If I didn't have a blog, I would be bored all day!
I wouldn't have friends like you and Stephie...
Hugs, Nadine

Ashley said...

Hey again Stephie,

I'm also 13. I'm from the United States.I would really like to visit alot of plces like Australia, and Argentina. Have you ever been to the US? Where I live is really pretty.

In the Fall, its fall here now. the leaves turn the prettiest shades of red, orange, and yellow. And I love top drink apple cider. You sit by the warm firesits really nice. You should visit also!

So whats up? How are you? Do you play any sports?? Whats your hobbies? I would really like to get to know you.

Nadine said...

Hi Stephie
Thanks for your comment and your opinion.
School with me is over now because we have holidays!! School starts next Monday... then I'll be back in business again! So stay in touch..
Plus, I am going really well, but I am quite bored here, with nothing to do. All day I'm SO BORED. :(
Hugs, Nadine

Zawan said...

I'm 12 and I'm from sudan.
you guys have a really nice blog
i'm going to check all your posts later
visit my blogs:
see ya!

Zawan said...

hi, stephie, you wrote 2 comments on my blog....
I don't like sudan very much; education there is not very good, it is very hot and in order to buy english books and dvd's you have to tell someone to get it for you from another country.
but sudan has very beautiful places outside the city, Khartoum, such as the pyramids, Juba, etc
you should visit my country one day...

Stephie said...

Hi Ashley,
Sorry I haven't commented on your blog, but I've been having some problems with my computer.
My hobbies are: swimming, dancing and singing, playing with the computer and doing gym.
I've never gone to the US! I know it's a beautiful country! I'd like to go one day...
What about you?
Stephie :)

Ashley said...

I live in CT. Thats on the coast.

I like to swim, and play volleyball.

Write back!


Zawan said...

Hi Priscilla
I'm twelve too
Sudan is hot and there aren't many activities for kids, but you can go to the museum or travel out of the city, where there are very nice places
I saw your blog, it's very creative...
what books do you like to read?

Ashley said...

Hey Stephie,
It's ok if your computer doesn't work, I have problems with mine too.

When you said your computer was having problems, did you say I wouldnt recieve your messages? Because I got a message from you on 10/9, which was yesterday.

Again, its ok if your having problems, computers can be sooooo fussy!haha

keep me posted,

Zawan said...

hi priscilla
I like movies like August Rush and detective movies
I love classics, contemporary literature, harry potter, sherlock holmes and Agatha Christie...
I don't like video games, but i love The Sims 2 and types of games that don't cause stress
I love to play tennis, read and paint.

you can see my painting and other works on my website,


Zawan said...

hi piscilla, I'm tagging you do do a book meme on my blog

here's the link:

Ashley said...

Hey Priscila!

That's cool your Stephie's sister. I have a sister too. She's 3 years older.

I dont like global warming, it's making animals extinct, and its messing up the weather.

Right now its fall, in the US. It;s chilly but sunny. Right now its sunny and currently 70 degrees.

so whats up? do you play any sports? Hobbies? tell me about yourself.

Zawan said...

Hi Piscilla,
sorry I don't chat much, but my email is
we can send to each other!

Zawan said...

Hi Piscilla,
you told me you've recieved my email, is it ok if I delete the comment to prevent spam?

Ashley said...

Hey Prscila!

I'm good. Just got back from a camping trip. How bout you?

Skating seems cool. I like to swim, rea, play volleyball.

Ashley said...

Hey Priscila!

Im good. Thanks for askin.

The camping trip was hmm...
Interesting, boring, fun, tiring, amusing. It was 1 strange campin trip!lol. We went with this other family, they're strange. I dont really like them though. I know thats mean to say but oh well I

Unfortunately I dont have hotmail, wish I did. Are you a part of any class blogs? Becuase theres this skype thing and I think it would be cool to use. I have a web cam and microphone too. So give me your opinion.

Keep in touch,

Ash said...

Hey Priscila,

When I first got my blog I was the same as you. I love blogging
I love your blog it's so cool


Ashley said...

Hey Priscila!
I'm doing good, I'm at school right now, it's 2:16pm on 10/15/08 and school is almost over in about 10 minutes.

Thanks for all your compliments on my posts! Yours a great too. I wanna visit there someday, it seems nice.

Skype is a program that my class uses. If you have cameras or microphones you could see and hear the class room. Its pretty cool.

Keep me posted, and talk to you soon.

Ashley said...

Hey Priscila!


Keep me posted,

Lauren said...

Hey Priscilla!

I am new to blogging right now. My teacher introduced me to it too. My whole class now has a blog, it's so fun! I can now talk to people all over the world with the click of a mouse! I just started blogging a few months ago. How long have you been blogging?

Come visit my blog at: