Thursday, 2 October 2008

Whales' blog update!

Hi everybody, visit this site about whaling! -

Read and comment! We can make a difference!


nadine said...

Hey Steph
Thanks for your nice comments! I'm sure we can make a difference, the post you wrote perfectly made it clear.
And the dolphins post was awesome! You are doing so well, I must also write a post about the website as well so my friends can read and comment.
Love, Nadine

Nadine said...

Hey Stephie
You should be excited about your holidays, wish you the best! Have the best of fun and enjoy those holidays..

Ashley said...

Hey Stephie,
Ive been talking to Nadine, so you 2 are friends? thats cool?

Hows Argentina?

Nadine said...

Hey Steph
Of course I'll do the favour, after all you've been such a lovely mate for so long and I owe you! I'll tell Ashley.
It's okay if you make alot of comments. I don't mind a bit!
Love, Nadine

Nadine said...

Hiya Stephie!
As for the Hotmail, excellent idea, my hotmail is you can add me, I can add you, and we can chat online! AWESOME. :)
Do you have an idea when we could actually chat? If we arrange a time that would be marvellous.
Sorry about your computer. Good luck with it!
Hugs, Nadine

normastar said...

Hey Stephie! Sorry i have not been visiting your blog for long!
About the stop whaling team, I like the websites alot! But also I have an idea for another team! Debating blog team? We can make a debating post all the time about anything even whaling could be great! Wouldn't it? Tell me when your answer is in your mind! Se ya Steph

Nadine said...

Hiya Stephie
Yes! That's a wonderful idea, I can go online at 11:00... though 1:00 or 1:30 would be better?
Thanks for your comment!! :)
And you sure seem to have a brighter day then me, and studying takes up alot of my time after school. Me and my little sister sit down in our room and start studying. After 2 hours she asks "Nadine are we done?" and I say yes, so we pack up and sit down to watch our favourite episodes.
Hugs, Naine

normastar said...

hey, thanks for dropping by onto my blog! I hope that you can come to Sydney one day! Good luck with that dream Steph!!