Tuesday, 30 December 2008

2009 , two days

Great 2009!
Only two days :)
We are sure all your wishes will come true.
Priscila and Stephie.


Anonymous said...

New Year's eve is today.
Hope it will be a good year.

Nadine said...

First, thank you Stephie for commenting! I celebrated New Year happily and greatly. My family sat at home 2 days ago and watch the spectacular fireworks erupt!! Australia's was said to be the best of all countries! I'm going great thanks Steph, and that's okay you haven't commented for a while, but thanks for letting me know! :) Yes I am still on Holidays but sadly very bored!! :(
Prisci, thanks for your comment!
2009... wow. It is 2009 right here and now in Australia. My wishes.. are they coming true? Maybe. Let's hope they will in 2009! I hope yours come true too girls! New Years Eve was just 2 days ago and I loved it. HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is January 3rd, Friday, 2009 at the moment in Australia!!
Keep sending emails and pictures! Let's chat on Saturday, tomorrow. In my time, I will be on from 12:30 am-7:00 pm or 6:50 pm. Hope to chat!! ;)
Love, Nadine

Ashley said...

Hey Priscila!
That sounds fun! I like Polar Express too, especially that nerdy kid lol,
So what'd you get for Christmas?


Mitesh said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to both of you and team :)

Lauren said...

Hi Stephie and Priscila!

Hope your new year is great! Did you do anything for New Year's eve? I had some friends over I hadn't seen in a while so that was fun. I can't believe it is 2009! Keep in touch!

Lauren :)

Ashley said...

Hey Priscila!
Same, I got clothes mostly. I also got an iPod touch!

Im kinda sad becuase after 2 weeks of no school, I have to go back tomorrow ):


Lauren said...

Hi Priscila and Stephie!

You've been tagged! Check out my post on "7 Things You Don't Know About Me" and then it's your turn to write you own post on the subject. So... happy blogging!

You can find my post at:


Lauren :)

olivia said...

Hey STEPHIE and PRISCILLA, I was looking at your cluster map and WOWZA you guys have alot.! (: I don't know how to add one. (LOL)talk to youu soon.
xo olivia ...how was your holidays?