Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Doing Maitena's homework

My student Maitena (also known here as Catalina) has written two posts here and here. I couldn't understand the problem she had with the third one, which I received via email. That's why I'm here, invading my students' blog to post this for her.
This is her "post".


At the corner of 9 de Julio Avenue and Avenida de Mayo, there is a painting on the wall of the building, just at the corner, which summarises in images, the most significant symbols of Buenos Aire city.

Although Bueno Aires is a cosmopolitan city where you can final people from all over the world, it also has a strong identity, especially in its music Tango. Tango is Buenos Aires and the painting shows basically that. People dancing, musical instruments, all images that represent no other city but Buenos Aires.

Apart from the images related to Tango, we can also see typical things of Buenos Aires city such as buses, bus stops, people in general.

I think that this particular corner of Buenos Aires best summarises what we are, what we have and what we like.

Of course any society has many aspects in its characteristics and Buenos Aires is not an exception but the wall on the corner of 9 de Julio Avenue and Avenida de Mayo shows what we basically are.

I didn't forget to upload the photo. She didn't send me the link. Sorry, but you are missing the chance of knowing what she is talking about.

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