Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Hi everybody! I wanted to post something about my favourite city. So, enjoy this post!


This city is in California. It's the biggest of California. This city was created in 1781 by a spanish man called Felipe de Neve.

It has got a beach and a lot of people who live there. It's full of shops and big houses. A lot of famous people, actresses and actors, live there.

It's a really beautiful city because of its buildings, films, books and... all! I've never been in Los Angeles, but I'd like to go one day. Please comment and visit a text about Spiderman ( my favourite movie) in the wiki :

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Meghna said...

Hi stephi,
Wow! I didn't know so much about LOS ANGELES before I read your post. Thanks for giving me so much information.

I read the story you wrote about Spider man who is my favorite too :-0.It's a great story! Hope you continue writing such great posts!

I'll be sure to return! Till then Happy Blogging!

Anonymous said...

Hi sister!!

Great post!!!