Monday, 22 October 2007

Brian’s presentation

Hi, my name is Brian and I’m sixteen years old. I’m an only child so I live whit my parents without brothers or sisters. In my free time I loved playing with my play station 2 but now is broken so I can’t use it. At weekends I like going out with my friends, playing the guitar in my room and chatting. Now I’m in 4th year so I think that the next year I’m going to finish the high school.


Meghna said...

Hi Brian,
I'm a friend of Stephie and have ben posting comments on this site. Really great work done by all of you out there!

This post is a really sweet one written by a kid in fourth grade!

Best wishes!

Say hi to Stephi and everyone else!

I'll be back soon! :-)

Meghna said...

Hi Brian,
I'm sorry for my above stupidity! So you're sixteen and soon going to finish high school! that's great!

Best wishes from my side!