Tuesday, 12 May 2009

volunteering job

Hi everybody!

I have just found the new challenge for this week here .

Finally, you might want to tell your readers about a volunteering job you have or would like to do in the future.

I found the one about volunteering job interesting .
I would really like to work helping others , not to be payed , just to feel I am being useful.
I have done some volunteering job at my old school , in primary , helping other children to read , I enjoyed it a lot.

So , what about you? what kind of volunteering work would you like to do?

Have a nice day!



Marnie said...

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Thanks… I hope you join


Anonymous said...

Actually my teacher makes us do community work for grades: serving the community in whatever way for 4 hours. Do you do that in Argentina?

flor said...

Every year, when we're starting our vacations, I think to take a year off when i'm done with school, to make volunteer jobs, feed the hunger or somenthing like that! but my mother won't let me! haha. love you :)

Dominique said...

Hi Priscila!
I would love to get a volunteering job (maybe at an animal shelter, reading to elderly people in nursing homes, or perhaps cheering up patients in hospitals)also. I agree, the money doesn't matter, it is just the fact that you are helping other people.