Sunday, 31 May 2009


Hi Everybody!

I have just been on Reni´s blog , and I found a tag for me in her post :)
So now , I will complete the aplhabet!

A-re you single?: yes :(

B-uy your own clothes?: I choose them , my mum pays them ahaha

C-an you lick your elbow?: I've tried it more than once( even now i am lol) but it does not work

D-escribe the perfect guy: mm, hard , EDWARD CULLEN!

E-ver puked after a roller coaster?: no!

F-riends with benefits are OK, right?: friends are friends !

G-ood looks are the most important thing?: not the MOST

H-ave you said “I love you” and meant it?: Yes ;)

I-s Facebook your lifeline?: It is most of my life

J-ealousy can be described as: something bad that sometimes you can not control :(

K-iss and tell?: what?

L-ife isn’t worth living if: you don´t do what you feel is right :)

M-oments you share with whom are unforgettable?: my family and mi frriends!

N-ever: say something before thinking about it , it can hurt :S

O-ver your latest ex?: ---

P-erson who makes you laugh the hardest: My sister and friends

Q-ueen Bee in the 3rd grade was: 3rd grade? wow , old times ahaha

R-andom quote you love: all from twilight :)

S-een any good movies lately?: Twilight ahahah

T-he first friend you ever had was: Stephie :)

U-nder what circumstances would you cheat on your (imaginary) partner?: I do not cheat ^^

V-ery awkard situations make you: feel nervous

W-hat does your ideal dinner consist of?: pizza!

X-boy/girlfriends are good for: talking about with friends!

Y-our best advice on life is:do not worry , be happy!

Z-ebra print?: love it :K

So now , I will tag :



Have fun! Love you all!!


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Dominique said...

Hi Priscila!
Cool post! A lot of those are the same as I would have put.