Saturday, 24 January 2009

Pray , friends , she needs you.


I have been in Kayla´s blog and she had posted this.(Here is the complete post)

This is gonna be a short one and I am sorry but I do not have much time. Alot of things are going to be taking place on Friday. We had a ct scan today to look for vascular rings in his esophagus b/c if that was all it was and the reasn why his esophagus is not staying open then it would all be simple but that is not the case that all came back ok so we are back on the road of not knowing why yhis esophagus wont stay open. He is still running a fever off and on of 103.3 He is a horrible cough and they think that part might be rsv even though eh has had the shots it is just a prevention it doesnt stop him from getting it totally, they said they have seen kids get it so bad they are hospitalized fro months and on the vent. :( Why Why Why? Why my baby? What did he do to deserve any of this. What did I do? He is also battle in the sleep study issue since we found out two months later that it was abnormal and it can get worse if not treated and they said in his charts that he dropped int he low 70’s not good that is horrible, so now they are telling my son has been going through this all along and needed 02 at night but the pulmonologist was just top lazy to send for the report, aghhh,i wanna rip someeones throat out seriously. I started chewing hispartners ass today when he came in and told me all of this I dont think Travis new what to say except excuse me I need to puit her on a leash. Sorry he is my baby and there is no good enough bull shit reason that they had to wait to friggen months to get these results back it is bull shit and it is no ones fault except for johnson. Anyways so it is a day by day thing. Friday they are putting him out for surgery and I am so scared, what if he cant come off the vent i dont even want to see our son on the vent again . But I have along road ahead of me now just when I thought it was all calming down not the case. How am I going to make it how am I going to work, school home and everything else, i just have to shove it asside and keep trudging along. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers I will be in touch again as soon as i can. I have to work tomorrow and i am not wanting to leave him at all but i dont have a choice they are going to try and get me out early if they can. I dono I didn’t get any sleep last night he was so lethargic last night i and today So I dono but I have to go for now tahnks to all and have a lovely night. Many prayers are still so appreciated we need all we can get for Lucian right now.(By Kayla)

Just hope everything will be Ok , pray please.
Kayla all your friends are with you!!!!
Hope to hear the news soon.


kayla said...

wanted to stop in real fast and say thanks to everyone who has been thinking of my family. It means alot to me,

Stephie said...

I'll pray.
I'm sure everything's gonna be OK ;)