Monday, 12 January 2009

New blog for Twilight fans!

Hey everybody,
With Pri we wanted to create a blog for all the Twilight fanatics!
There you'll find info, news, photos, etc.
Visit and comment! :)


Ashley said...

Hey Priscila!
Sporty loook is a good one. What are trainers?
And thanks its gonna be pretty fun to see how my look turns out lol


kayla said...

You guys have awesome ideas! I am impressed!

Lauren said...


I have not read the book, but I should. I will definitely check out your new blog. You will still be posting on this one right?

Lauren :)

Nadine said...

Hi Steph and Priscila
COOL IDEA! I agree with Kayla. I am impressed.
I checked it out and the pictures and post were awesome!! I will comment when I have the time! What a brilliant blog for Twilight Fans. I'm sure there will be many coming to comment. Let's cross fingers!
Keep working hard! ;)
Hugs, Nadine

Ashley said...

Hey Priscila!
Oh trainers are sneakers? lol
I'll definately take a look at your new twilight site!


sam said...

hey priscilla!!
i just started the wilight series and so

xoxo sammm<3

Megan said...

All my friends have read Twilight and have loved it so when I can I am definately going to read it. I'll be back to see what you post about it. Keep in touch.

olivia said...

WOW... great idea.. lol. I am a twilight fan so I am with you guys all the way.. WOOT WOOT!! :]
I'll check out the other blog now...

kristen said...

hey Stephie and Priscilla
I am 13 and I live in the USA. Some of the holidays are: halloween, christams, easter those are the basic ones. I love twilight and I will check out the blog