Monday, 27 July 2009

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Hey everybody! Today I wanted to post something about the second movie of the Twilight Saga!

On July 23rd 2009, Kristen Stewart(Bella Swan), Robert Pattinson(Edward Cullen) and Taylor Lautner(Jacob Black) all went to the Comic Con convention in San Diego! Apart of doing a press conference, they showed two awesome clips from the movie, which in my opinion are awesome!

Click here for Clip #1
Click here for Clip #2

On the second book, New Moon, Bella's devastated when Edward Cullen, her vampire boyfriend and his family decide to leave Forks.
She becomes very good friends with Jacob Black.
Meanwhile, a series of miscommunications leads Edward to believe that Bella has killed herself. Distraught over her supposed suicide, Edward flees to Italy to provoke theVolturi, vampire royalty who are capable of killing him. Alice and Bella rush to Italy to save Edward, arriving just in time to stop him.
Before leaving Italy, the Volturi tell Edward that Bella, a human who knows that vampires exist, must either be killed or transformed into a vampire. When they return to Forks, Edward tells Bella that he has always loved her and only left Forks to protect her. She forgives him, and the Cullens vote in favor of Bella being transformed into a vampire, to Edward's dismay. However, Edward gives Bella a choice: either she lets Carlisle change her after her graduation, or, if Bella agrees to marry him, he will change her himself.

I really can't wait to watch the movie! I'm so looking forward to it!
Also visit the New Moon's official web page! It's awesome, really! You can download wallpapers, icons, the trailer and more! Just click here. Photo from:
New Moon poster by:...♥...Chicky Kawaii...♥...

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Allegra said...

I recently read the first book in the Twilight Saga and can't wait to get a copy of New Moon. I didn't read the summary for fear of giving something away!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, how are you doing? How is school. I'm still on vacation, ofcourse, but time is running out!


Dominique said...

Hi Stephie!
How are you?
I LOVED the Twilight saga, thought the movie was OK (it didn't do the book justice though),and can't wait for the New Moon movie.I am hoping it turns out good, Twilight is too good a book to have a mediocre movie made of it.
p.s I saw the trailer and it looks pretty good!

Dominique said...

Hi Stephie!
Thanks for the comment! I did like the Twilight movie but I thought they could do a little better. Your winter seems to sound somewhat like the winters in my area: gray,cold (and at least where I live) rainy, slushy, and disgusting. Unfortunately I only have a few more weeks until school starts again: ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Hey Stephie, thanks for the comment. We go to bookstores and lot and I study biology sometimes. I'm also reading a lot. Keep in touch, Zawan.

normastar said...

Hey Stephie and Priscilla! Sorry I haven't been posting nor commenting lately! But Here i am :)
I love twilight and new moon! I really can't wait until it comes out in the movies!! Well I got to go!