Monday, 3 December 2007

.: A movie I like :.

Hi everybody! I must tell you that now, my favourite movie isn´t Spiderman, is ICE PRINCESS.
Yes, now, Spiderman is on second place! I'll tell you about this beautiful movie!
Starring Michelle Trachtenberg, Joan Kusack and Kim Katrall.
The movie is about a very intelligent girl , who wins a Harvard University's scolarship. She must do a work to enter to Harvard. She decides to do a project about ice-skating. She discovers that her passion is ice-skating, but her mum doesn´t like that sport. At the end, she is a very important skater. The message is that you have to follow your dream.

I enjoyed this movie a lot! This mvie isn't new, is from 2005, so perhaps you didn't know the movie. Sorry I haven't posted an image! I'll post one next time. Leave your comments!


Gabriela Sellart said...

It looks like a film for your sister!
Nice message. I think everybody should try to make their dreams come true.

Meghna said...

Hi Stephie,
Nice post. When I read the title i expected to read something about Spiderman but I was surprised. I haven't seen this movie yet but I hope I'll see it soon enough!
Keep writing!

stephie said...

Thanks Meghna for commenting!

nadine said...

Hi Stephie!
I am Nadine from the 08 Allstars in Australia!
Just want to say!
Good choice of movie! I've seen it! Very good!! But i kind of love them all, except for the boring ones!!
Is that the only movie you like?
Here's my site:

Nadine said...

Hi there Stephie!
Thanks a million for the comment!
My favourite mvie is... most of them. I don't have a favourite movie becuse most are sooo good! But i hate ones with no action.
Get what i mean?
Yes, i know heroes! It IS cool!!
But they aren't putting any more! Why not? Do you think it stopped??

Nadine said...

Hi there Stephie!!
Well, my favourite character is the same as yours!!
I am from Sydney, Australia and i am 11 years old so far.
Interesting to hear that you are from that place!
I thought you were Indian? Are you American?
Hope to hear your answers!!